How To Make a Mixtape
By: Valerie
Mixtapes are amazing since you can all the songs in that you love! You can make a mixtape for literally every occasion, they are so easy and fun to make !
How to
First of all you have to decide a theme for your playlist. For example a workout playlist or a road trip playlist. You choose the songs depending on the theme. 
When you have chosen a theme it’s time for the most exciting part: choosing the songs! Obviously there are millions of songs to choose from, but the key is to find songs that fit the theme and also fit your music style. Whether that is pop/country/rock, choose songs that you will enjoy listening to.
If you’re making a workout playlist you will most likely pick songs that are upbeat and energetic so they motivate you to workout. If you’re making a study playlist you will most likely pick songs that are slower and more tranquil, so that you can concentrate better. Try to find all the songs you like that also fit the theme, put them together et voilà!
Where to make it
The best way to make a playlist in my opinion is by using the app/site 8tracks. It allows you to pick from a wide range of songs and you can customize your playlist by giving it a cover, a name and a description. Other users can listen to your playlist and like your playlist. The only downside is that you got to have wifi to listen to your playlists. 
Spotify is also a great platform to create playlists. Again a wide range of songs and it allows you to make them “offline available” for when you don’t have internet access, which is great for on the road!
I know that there are a lot more ways to make a playlist but these two are just my favourite. Also, it’s not like you have to do it this way, these are just my tips that I wanted to share with you!
Lots of love !

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